"Founded in 2011, Pub Games is an independent video game development studio. We believe in brewing up high quality, entertaining experiences that are accessible, fun and community minded. Pub Games engages in a variety of different activities, including contract work for clients, involvement with community projects & initiatives, and collaboration with local industries."

Pub Games bring a mark within the Industry with knowledge and experience actively developing mobile and computer games, primarily using the Unreal 3 Engine.

I bring my 3d modelling and animation experience to the team, creating 3d assets for the Unreal Engine.


Primal Carnage Mobile:

WIP - Proof of concept proto-type

Primal Carnage Mobile is an on-rails shooter for iOS and Android set on a tropical island overrun by dinosaurs. Built with the powerful Unreal engine, players use mounted weapons to repel a horde of prehistoric beasts while navigating a diverse range of environments; from sweeping cliff faces to lush jungle compounds. Players will need to deal with cunning raptors, swarms of nimble compys, the mighty spinosaurus and the ferocious tyrannosaurus.

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Means of Escape:

WIP - Proof of concept proto-type

In Means of Escape, players must guide the out-of-control suit (and its hapless occupant) through to safety, using both puzzle and twitch-gaming skills to negotiate the hazardous environments.

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2012, Allan Wilson: Game Developer, 3D Artist and Graphic Designer
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